Movie Review – ‘Transformers’

Review by J.T. Johnson


DIRECTOR: Michael Bay
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mitchell Amundsen
WRITERS: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
MUSIC: Steve Jablonsky

The Autobots and the Decepticons are in a race to see which will get the mystical Allspark, the mysterious object that created the Transformers and somehow ended up on Earth. On Earth, the Autobots run across a teenage boy who unknowingly holds the guide to finding the Allspark.

The spirit of Transformers is well intact in this movie based on the hit 1980′s cartoon. Having Peter Cullens return as the voice of Optimus Prime was a smart move and brings you back into the world of the Transformers. If one good thing can be said about “Transformers”, it’s that the special-effects are absolutely top-notch and the Transformers feel like they’re really there.

However, there are major problems with this film. The action scenes are too quick and half the time I had trouble figuring out who was winning or losing the fight. Instead of pulling out and letting us see the fight, director and murderer of childhood memories Michael Bay decides to get in really close and I just couldn’t tell what the hell was going on.

The action was disappointingly average and while there are plenty of bang for your buck sequences in the film, not too many of them provide a genuine thrill. As far as the story is concerned, the first hour of the movie involves the two-dimensional humans running around trying to figure things out after the audience has already worked out everything fifteen minutes into the film.

You are sitting there just waiting for the Autobots to show up and kick the Decepticons’ collective asses. The bottom line is that unless you were a hardcore fan of the cartoon show, this movie does not really offer anything interesting for those who are not as familiar with the Transformers universe.

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