Movie Review – ‘Jackass 3D’

Written by J.T. Johnson


Shopping carts, snakes, puke and poop. Yep, it seems that the “Jackass” boys are back in town. This time, they bring three dimensions and high-speed photography along with all of the stunts, pranks and gross-out humor. The end result is a film that is truly deserving of its 3D status.

Johnny Knoxville, along with some of the cast, are beginning to show their age a little in a film that comes 10 years after the franchise originally began. Despite this, nothing stops the cast from finding several new ways to make their lives a living hell. Also, no one should dare attempt the stunts featured in this film.

Granted, that warning is stated at the beginning and end of the film just like the previous two entries, but it is worth mentioning at least one more time. One of the miracles over the past decade is the fact that none of the cast members have found a way to kill themselves yet. Even a now completely sober Steve-O is beginning to show a little more concern before doing his own share of insane stunts.

The film starts off on a hilarious note with a special introduction to the film by cartoon legends Beavis and Butt-Head. The duo remind audiences that it is time to put on the 3D glasses and Butt-Head even finds a way to test out the 3D using his fists and Beavis’ face. After that, the cast is reintroduced through various stunts shot in high-speed so the audience can see every inch of the pain on their faces.

“Jackass Number Two” set the bar pretty high with a cast that was willing to do almost anything. The only problem was that director Jeff Tremaine found the second film to be a little more violent than anticipated. That means that this time out, it is back to the basics that made the franchise great in the first place. Mostly, this works in favor of the movie and the audience feels like they are watching an old episode of the MTV series.

Unfortunately, the film is not as good as the last film. Some of the pranks and stunts fall short and their impact is not felt as much as previous antics. In fact, some of the stunts go off a little too perfectly. One of the greatest things about these films is hearing from the cast how the stunt should go and ultimately seeing the stunt fail and do things that were completely unexpected.

The only other problem with the film is that it can be completely gross at times. For long-term “Jackass” fans, this is not a problem and it is business as usual. For newcomers, though, they should be warned that if they have weak stomachs, they might want to pass on this film or at least cover up their eyes during some of the more disgusting skits.

Still, for all of the gross-out humor and dangerous stunts, it does feel good to hang out with the gang for at least one more romp on the big screen. Through the years, fans have gotten to know Knoxville and the rest of the cast through this franchise. They are a group of people that anyone would enjoy hanging out with except for the fact that he/she would constantly have to be looking over their shoulders.

With the retrospective special “Jackass: The Beginning” and the way that the credits are set up, this may very well be the last film in the series to hit theaters. However, it is not the last time that audiences will get to see the cast performing new stunts. Knoxville has already confirmed that, like the second film, they filmed enough material in order to release “Jackass 3.5” in December. In the meantime, audiences can enjoy seeing the guys on the silver screen one more time.

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