THE BINGE ZONE – Why I’m Finally Done with ‘The Walking Dead’

It's time to finally cut ties with the the long-running zombie show.

Written by J.T. Johnson

The third episode of “The Walking Dead’s” eighth season, ‘Monsters’, is also a third strike for me. I’m officially done watching the long-running zombie show. Some would probably ask why I’ve stuck with it for so long?

I guess the only answer to that question is that it was because I have been watching the show since it premiered in 2010. I’ve been with it for so long, why not try and stick it out until the end? Unfortunately, that’s the only reason I was watching after last season’s subpar storytelling that only slightly improved by the season finale.

I used to truly love the show. If this was the third, fourth, fifth and even sixth season, I would have defended the show wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, ever since the sixth season’s ill-advised cliffhanger, I’ve been struggling to stay involved. The writing has been extremely hit-or-miss and not since the first half of season two have I been so disappointed in the show.

‘Monsters’ contains everything I hate about the show today and more. Last week, the show ended with a mediocre cliffhanger. Morales, a character I haven’t even thought of since he left at the end of season one, returned as a Savior and it looked like he and Rick were going to have a confrontation.

Instead, he is killed within the first few moments of the show by Daryl and is instead used as a nothing more than a device to make Rick question what he has become. We have seen this story a dozen times now and I’m tired of Rick not knowing what he should be doing by now. At this point in the story, he should be a solid leader yet once again, he is questioning himself.

Then, in another part of the episode, the people from the Hilltop and Alexandria are questioning how to handle the prisoners that have surrendered. This results in Jesus and Morgan coming to blows in one of the most melodramatic and dumbest fights that I’ve seen on the show thus far. Finally, King Ezekiel and his people have been making their way to another compound.

The entire way there, Ezekiel has been grinning like an idiot and trying to deliver motivational speeches that come off as more hokey than they do inspirational. Of course, after all that over-the-top yammering about how they won’t lose even one person, something inevitably bad happens. Yet, instead of being shocked, all it did was remind me about how stale and predictable the show has become.

I guess, maybe, if the show’s writers had an endgame for their story, I might still be interested. However, the producers have stated that they plan on keeping the show going for as long as possible. The fact that they are straining so hard to keep things going is evidence that they just want to drag it on and on.

No one should be watching a show just because they’ve stuck with it since the beginning. “The Walking Dead” has gone way beyond its prime and it’s time to end it. Since the filmmakers are not planning to do that anytime soon, I’ve decided to go ahead and end it myself. It was a fun ride for awhile and I’m grateful for when the show was good, but now it’s officially time for me to part ways with “The Walking Dead”.


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