Column – What If They Had Been Smart?

... or at least had Kevin Feige?

Written by J.T. Johnson

Today, I started thinking about the DC Extended Universe once again and began wondering about how they could have gotten to “Justice League” in a simpler and possibly more successful way. Therefore, I decided to write some of those thoughts down and share them with you today. I hope you enjoy the read.


After the release of “Man of Steel” in 2013, Warner Bros. could have established the DCEU in a much simpler way that still would have given us a proper “Justice League” film in 2017. They could have assigned people to make both “The Batman” and “Wonder Woman” for a 2015 release.

They could have also gotten started assembling the teams to make a film for “The Flash” and “Aquaman” set for 2016. Then, you could have had a proper “Justice League” film where they all banded together for the bigger threat. Since Cyborg’s story was tied to the Mother Boxes, it would be understandable to introduce him in “Justice League” first.

After “League” is successfully launched, you get to work on not just sequels for all your leads, but also the standalone “Cyborg” film for 2018. You could also introduce other mainstream heroes such as “Green Lantern”. Then, you’ve got a proper foundation to release other types of films for other lesser known heroes, such as “Suicide Squad”, “Martian Manhunter”, etc.

Meanwhile, you also set up a new “Constantine” that introduces characters that would eventually lead to a “Justice League Dark” film.


In reality, though, there were just too many people at WB that had a hard on to get Batman and Superman in the same movie. They also crammed Wonder Woman in there, though she thankfully proved to be the best part of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Lame Ass Titles”.

Then, they moved forward with the dumpster fire that ended up being “Suicide Squad” instead of introducing any of their other heroes that would appear in “Justice League”. Then, we at least got a proper “Wonder Woman” film. “Justice League”, though not as bad as it could have been, still had the problem of rectifying most of the issues that had started in the earlier films and it also didn’t feel earned because we hadn’t properly been introduced to the DCEU.

Meanwhile, we’re still patiently waiting on Flash’s and Aquaman’s solo films. This is why you don’t rush these things people.

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