Column – The Case for a Female Indiana Jones

There is no reason that the next Indiana Jones can't be a female!

Written by J.T. Johnson

Welcome to another ‘Based on a True Story’ column where I discuss a topic that is relevant to films and geek culture! Today, I discuss one way that it could be possible for the next Indiana Jones to be a female. This is just my own take on how I would introduce the world to a new female Indy and it in no way discredits anyone else’s ideas. Basically, I’m just having a bit of fun with this article.

Recently, Steven Spielberg said that “Indiana Jones 5” will be the final film to star Harrison Ford in the iconic role. This is no real surprise when considering that Ford will be 77 by the time the film hits theaters in 2020. When asked about the possibilities of a female taking over the role in the future, Spielberg optimistically said, “We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I agree that a female Indiana Jones could work, but here’s how I would do it if I were put in charge. First off, I would still just refer to the character as Indiana Jones. The reason is that Jones is simply the character’s last name and can be shared by either a male or female. Honestly, I think Spielberg’s comment about the name was an attempt at a joke, but just in case, I would still advise the studios against an unnecessary name change simply because it’s  a woman now playing the part.

My other recommendation would be to make it a complete reboot of the series with original stories different from the Ford films. For example, I would love to see “Indiana Jones and the Search for Atlantis”. Basically, you don’t have to remake “Raiders of the Lost Ark” just because you’re rebooting the series.

Another reason I would want to go with the reboot route is simple. If you continued with lets say Indiana Jones’ daughter, then you would have stories set in the 1970s and ‘80s. I’ve always felt that Indy has worked best in the ‘30s, battling Nazis and capturing that feeling of the 30s serials that the original films were based on.

Now, who would play the iconic character? Well, I just saw “Tomb Raider” recently and even though that film was below average, it did show off how good an action star Alicia Vikander can be. So, instead of giving her a mediocre video game adaptation, let’s give her a proper adventure film as the new Indiana Jones!

Should Vikander not want to take the role, I’m sure there are plenty of fantastic established and new actresses that would love to become the iconic character. Another big question would be who would direct the new film?

That’s a slightly easier question as I would try and steal Patty Jenkins away from Warner Bros. She already has experience with directing a period piece after handling the World War I centered story featured in “Wonder Woman”. I’m not even going to think of anyone else, because simply put, Jenkins should be given Indiana Jones.

So, Spielberg is right. The world is ready for a female Indiana Jones and should Paramount move in that direction after they finish “Indy 5”, then I’ll be the first fan in line for the new Indiana Jones whoever she may be!

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