Movie Review – ‘Super Troopers 2’

This is one sequel that just can't capture the laughs and the genuine goofball humor of the original cult classic.

Review by J.T. Johnson


DIRECTOR: Jay Chandrasekhar
WRITERS: Broken Lizard
MUSIC: Eagles of Death Metal

If you want to check out a comedy cult classic that will have you laughing throughout, then you need to go back and watch 2001’s “Super Troopers”. If you want a mostly humorless, ridiculous and in some ways outright insulting mess, then “Super Troopers 2” may just be right up your alley. Yes, the entire Broken Lizard gang is back, but they can’t seem to find the laughs and they also don’t seem to have grown up any over the past 17 years as well.

The ludicrous plot line of the new movie finds the original highway patrolmen working at a construction yard with Farva (Kevin Heffernan) as their manager. After going on what they think is a fishing trip with their old captain John O’Hagen (Brian Cox), they soon learn that there is a border dispute in a small Canadian town and that they must set up a new highway patrol station in order to adapt the town to the American way of life. Like the first film, though, they soon find drugs and are on to a big case where you can see the ending coming from 1.60934 kilometers away.

The movie’s biggest shortcoming is that it simply isn’t that funny. It’s not to say that I never laughed, but when you’re desperately trying to throw every joke at the audience, a couple of them are bound to hit. In fact, there are only two funny elements to this film.

Heffernan is good as Farva and most of the times where I did at least chuckle was when something bad was happening to the over-the-top idiot. The other element was a sequence where our “heroes” impersonate the Mounties that have been giving them trouble throughout the film. It is during this montage that the characters are pulling people over and taking part in highway shenanigans, the very thing that made the first film funny.

Beyond that, though, the laughs just aren’t there for the rest of the flick. The cast is either trying way too hard to do “edgy” comedy that isn’t all that edgy and just shows the comedy group’s immaturity. Not only that, the film is filled with jokes that come off as borderline offensive. There are homophobic jokes where the men are so disturbed at thinking about kissing other dudes and they also rely way too heavily on Canadian stereotypes.

Also, here we are in the 21st century and one of the characters, Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), is taking drugs that make him act more womanly. This means that they play into the female stereotypes where he acts out when no one wants to eat his homemade meals and he apparently can’t drive at one point. I’m a man and even I was offended by this rather childish humor that even children wouldn’t find funny.

I honestly thought that “Rampage” would remain at the top of my list for worst films of the year. Yet, it only took one week for it to be dethroned by this sequel that never should have been made. I don’t mind dumb humor, but this is nothing more than an offensive ride that no one should take and I hope that Broken Lizard waits another 17 years before they decide to make another comedy.

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