The Geekly DC Review #3

The League tries to reach the Totality, Batman still has jury duty and Aquaman goes after Task Force X!

Cover design by Courtney Pugh

Reviews by J.T. Johnson

In this issue of The Geekly DC Review, I have three new titles to review! First, I take a look at what Scott Snyder brought to the table with “Justice League” #6 before I take a look at Bruce Wayne’s deliberations while on jury duty in “Batman” #53. Finally, I then take a look at “Aquaman” #39, which contains Part 2 of the ‘Sink Atlantis’ crossover with “Suicide Squad”! I hope you enjoy the following article and as always, I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

“Justice League” #6
‘The Totality’ Part 5
WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Jorge Jimenez

Superheroes have always been trained to be better than normal human beings. They’ve always been stronger and have leaned on their strengths to battle their weaknesses. But what if the answer to the Justice League’s latest problems is to depend on their weaknesses instead of their strengths?

Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom have been giving the League a run for their money in the past five issues, but this may very well be the turning point in the League’s favor. That is if the Joker doesn’t get to tell his biggest joke yet and Luthor doesn’t reach the Totality first.

This story has been an epic storyline from writer Scott Snyder and he knows how to set up the tension and also tell a unique story using some good old fashioned comic book writing. I wasn’t the biggest fan of “Dark Nights”, but the stories that have resulted from it have been pretty awesome.

The only minor criticism I have for this issue is that the dialogue can be a little cheesy at times and it occasionally stuck out like a sore thumb. Beyond that, though, I didn’t really have any problems.

I really enjoyed this issue as it was almost all action and I can’t help but love a fight between Batman and Luthor… in Superman’s body, no less! The artwork by Jorge Jimenez is also another highlight and I’ve really enjoyed his work on this book. It was a fun issue to read and that’s just about the best compliment I can give it.

“Batman” #53
‘Cold Days’ Part 3
WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Lee Weeks

Writer Tom King’s latest story about Bruce Wayne trying to convince a jury that Batman is flawed after he brutally beat Mr. Freeze has been quite entertaining. That’s because these last three issues have seen Wayne questioning his role as Batman and how lost he truly is since his wedding with Catwoman was called off. In the final chapter of ‘Cold Days’, Wayne convinces the jury that they are biased when it comes to Batman because they have grown accustomed to him being right all the time and saving the day.

This issue also sees the return of a more traditional batsuit due to Bruce having a desire to rediscover why he became Batman in the first place. King has been fantastic when he’s focused on the characters rather then trying to generate some forced epic. I hope that he sticks to this more intimate storytelling because that is what makes his Batman stick out when compared to those who have come before him.

Thankfully, King is also once again helped by the fantastic artwork from Lee Weeks, someone who is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic book artist. Despite this issue being more of a legal drama from a storytelling point of view, the artwork is a constant reminder that you are reading a fantastic Batman book.

I might not have immediately connected with King when he first started writing Batman. However, if the writing stays as strong as this along with Weeks’ perfect artwork, then I’ll remain one happy Batman fan.

“Aquaman” #39
‘Sink Atlantis’ Part 2
WRITERS: Rob Williams, Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Vicente Cifuentes

In what is a surprisingly good crossover, Aquaman has to contend with the Suicide Squad. Atlantis has risen out of the sea and the newly crowned Queen Mera has to deal with a potential attack by other surface nations. Aquaman correctly assumes that the U.S. has already sent in Task Force X in order to bring Atlantis down and have complete deniability.

From the start of this story in “Suicide Squad” #45, ‘Sink Atlantis’ has been an action packed ride. This issue was a good continuation of the story as Arthur knows that if Mera decides to retaliate, she will be seen as the aggressor because the U.S. denies having anything to do with the Suicide Squad. Therefore, he intends to enlist the help of King Shark in order to covertly find the still missing members of Task Force X before they bring Atlantis down and kill everyone there.

The writing is solid throughout but the artwork is merely serviceable. I still don’t necessarily know how I feel about Arthur’s long-haired bearded look, but that is mostly because I think it just looks weird with how Vicente Cifuentes draws him and at times, Aquaman looks a little too muscled up. Thankfully, the book makes up for this in every other department and I can’t wait to read ‘Sink Atlantis’ Part 3 when “Suicide Squad” #46 hits the shelves!


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