The Geekly DC Review #6

Nightwing and the Super Sons win the week as the Justice League and Batman also soar to new heights!

Review by J.T. Johnson

This week on ‘The Geekly DC Review’, I take a look at Scott Snyder’s latest issue of “Justice League” and a new story begins in “Nightwing”! I also check out Tom King’s latest “Batman” and the second issue of the 12-issue Maxi-Series “Adventures of the Super Sons”!

“Justice League” #7
‘The Totality’ Conclusion
WRITER: Scott Snyder
PENCILS: Jim Cheung

Scott Snyder finishes out his first epic arc of the new “Justice League” book as the League and the Legion of Doom fight to obtain the Totality. Flash is trying to connect to the Still Force, Superman is trying to hold back energy from entire planets and Hawkgirl is facing off with Lex Luthor as he makes his way to the Totality. The story is a fantastic read with almost nothing but action.

My only real problem with this issue is that the action was sometimes confusing to follow as so much was going on. Still, Snyder ultimately sticks the landing as Martian Manhunter warns the League that their actions will have serious consequences for the entire Multiverse. This is most definitely a problem that needs an entire League rather than just one superhero.

Jim Cheung’s artwork is pretty fantastic to look at as well. The fights are epic and the story is real and after a hell of a tease at the end, I can’t wait to get to see Snyder’s next storyline!

“Batman” #54
‘The Better Man’
WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Matt Wagner

Tom King’s latest issue of “Batman” is a one-shot featuring Nightwing as he tries to help Batman cope with his feelings over losing Catwoman. The story shows us how Nightwing is trying to use his more optimistic personality to cheer Batman up while Bruce Wayne was there for Dick Grayson after the boy’s parents were murdered. The story shows how the two characters have been through the worst times together and how they are still there for one another now.

King has always been strongest with telling smaller stories over bigger epics and this issue is a testament to that. The story quickly captures who both Batman and Nightwing are and, in the case of Nightwing, he’s more like his character here than he currently is in his own book.

The one thing I was truly looking for in this issue was the artwork from veteran Matt Wagner. I couldn’t help but admit to myself, though, that I was missing Lee Weeks’ stellar art from “Cold Days”.  While the artwork was good, I was ultimately disappointed in this department.

‘The Better Man’ is a pretty strong one-shot from a storytelling point-of-view despite being a little disappointed with the art.

“Nightwing” #48
‘Harm’s Way’ Part One
WRITER: Benjamin Percy
ARTIST: Amancay Nahuelpan


Ever since Benjamin Percy began his Dark Web storyline, I admittedly haven’t been a fan. I hate that he’s essentially turned thirty-something Dick Grayson into a millennial baby boomer who is constantly upset over our over-reliance on technology. The problem is that while he may rail against technology, he is constantly using it.

Thankfully, this issue’s story deviates from that while Nightwing takes on a deadly motorcycle race in order to save his friends from the Dark Web. Instead, this issue is blissfully action-packed as Grayson finds his way onto the Isle of Harm in order to take part in a cosmic race. He’s there to accomplish something for Wyrm but, in reality, he is just trying to buy time so he can figure out a way to save his friends.

Things aren’t helped by the fact that he’s now being targeted by the Silencer for some unknown reason. Despite my issues with Percy’s storyline, I had a lot of fun with this issue. In fact, in a surprising twist for this week, it ended up being the “Issue of the Week” from the four issues I checked out!

“Adventures of the Super Sons” #2 (of 12)
‘Action Detectives’ Part Two
WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi
PENCILS: Carlo Barberi

Writer Peter J. Tomasi keeps having a lot of fun with his final “Super Sons” storyline as Robin and Superboy continue to fight a junior version of the Legion of Doom. In this issue, we found out that Rex and Joker, Jr. along with the rest of the Junior Legion are from a planet that is inspired and obsessed with our own. Rex, unfortunately, grew to like the evil parts of our culture and has decided to try and destroy both his world and ours, fulfilling what he thinks is the ultimate goal of humanity.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Joker, Jr. is a mole on the inside after Rex murdered Joker, Jr.’s parents in an attempt to drive him insane. Robin is able to acquire the synthetic Kryptonite and is trying to nullify its effects on Superboy. The issue is pretty action packed and, once again, the artwork from Carlo Baberi just pops off the page!

This makes me miss the original series but I’m still glad that I’m at least getting one more fun story from Tomasi and Barberi!


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