The Geekly DC Review #10

The Justice League wins the week while Nightwing once again falls hard in this week's DC Comics reviews!

Cover design by Courtney Pugh

Reviews by J.T. Johnson

Welcome to yet another issue of ‘The Geekly DC Review’! This was a rather light week as I only have three issues to cover. Speaking of covers, “Batman” gets a nice shiny foil cover this week and Snyder returns with another thrilling issue of “Justice League”, continuing one of the best runs on the comic book since Grant Morrison was on the “JLA”! Also, “Nightwing” deals with the cliffhanger from “Batman” #55.

Speaking of “Nightwing”, I need to make a quick correction. I thought Benjamin Percy’s run was to end with issue #49 when I wrote my review for that issue. Then, I discovered that his run was supposed to end with #50. However, at the moment he is still listed as the writer for #51, so until further notice, ignore what I said until there is further confirmation of his departure.

“BATMAN” #56
‘Beasts of Burden’ Part 2
WRITER: Tom King
PENCILS: Tony S. Daniel

After “Batman” #55’s abrupt cliffhanger, we see Batman trying to track down the man who shot Nightwing: KGBeast. Batman follows several leads and for his part in this issue, that’s all he’s really doing, though one of his leads tells Bruce that he’s now lost both Selina Kyle and his son, so he should be careful. Meanwhile, KGBeast is having a heart-to-heart with his bastard of a father.

It was KGBeast’s story that was the most noteworthy because we got a glimpse into how Anatoli Knyazev became a trained killer. Tom King’s writing on Batman continues to shine as it seems that he has finally found his footing and has a good grasp on who Batman is and what motivates him to fight crime. Thankfully, King is helped by Tony S. Daniel’s dependable artwork which is pretty damn fantastic and another highlight of the book.

This is proving to be a closer and more intimate story for Batman and I think that is what King continues to do best. Part 2 of ‘Beasts of Burden’ proves to be a pretty great issue and what’s funny about that is that Batman doesn’t even do that much in this issue. It’s just a brilliant setup for a great confrontation that will be happening soon when these two highly trained warriors finally come head-to-head.

‘Knight Terrors’ Part one
WRITER: Benjamin Percy
ARTISTS: Travis Moore, Chris Mooneyham & Klaus Janson

So, apparently getting shot in the head has caused Dick Grayson to lose chunks of his memory including who he was as Nightwing and who his friends are. Barbara Gordon is apparently really broken up about it. It has also apparently made him a huge dick (no pun intended) that doesn’t give a damn about anyone anymore. He’s a hard drinker, he’s burned all of his old Nightwing uniforms and he’s about the farthest thing away from the superhero we all know and love.

Beyond these facts, though, writer Benjamin Percy forgets to add any dramatic weight to the proceedings. The story is incredibly boring and I’m really getting tired of Percy’s writing. If the rumors are true and this is his last issue, then good riddance. I’m getting to a point where I don’t want to collect this book anymore because DC Comics seems hellbent in tearing the character down.

The only upside to this issue was the artwork that came from three artists since every anniversary issue apparently needs multiple artists. Thankfully, Travis Moore, Chris Mooneyham and Klaus Janson all work extremely well together and at least I didn’t feel like the issue felt disjointed in the art department.

I’m going to give this next storyline a chance, but if it doesn’t improve in the next couple of issues, I might have to drop the “Nightwing” book until they can get someone worthwhile to make the character shine again.

‘Good Morning Moon’
WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Jorge Jimenez


In the previous storyline for “Justice League”, the League had to deal with the Totality and the uncertainty that was brought with it. Also during the course of the story, the Moon was destroyed. In this issue, we get a nice tour of the Hall of Justice while being reminded that the League is still dealing with the fact that strange things have happened since the Source Wall was cracked. Meanwhile, Superman is fixing the Moon while trying to remind the League that while they are living in uncertain times, the League will always be there to meet the challenges that face the planet they have sworn to protect.

Scott Snyder has been one of my favorite comic book writers since he took over “Batman” during the New 52 era. I’ve loved most of what he’s brought to the table and with “Justice League”, he has proven why he is one of DC Comics’ most popular creators. This issue was just a simple one-shot before the ‘Drowned Earth’ crossover event happens with “Aquaman”. However, Snyder created a fun story that not only updated us on the status of the League but also gave us a little more insight about what the League members are thinking about their own individual abilities and their doubts.

As usual, artist Jorge Jimenez has provided some amazing art to look at and the final panel of Superman standing in front of a now repaired moon was a great capper to a great issue. I can’t wait to see where snyder takes the Justice League next!


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