The Geekly DC Review #11 – ‘Titans’ Premiere

'Titans' needs to do a lot better if it wants to impress.

Review by J.T. Johnson

This week, I’ll be taking a hiatus from reviewing comic books, so I’ve decided to go ahead review the premiere episode of “Titans”, the first original live-action show premiering on the DC Universe streaming service. I’ll be back to reviewing DC comics next Sunday, so let’s get to that show.

“Titans” just can’t seem to pull itself together in this first episode for a show that hopes to hook viewers into subscribing to DC Universe. There are two major problems with this first episode. The first is that it sets up three of the four characters, teases the fourth and only two of them have met each other by the end of a rather dull episode. The second problem is that this show is way too dark for a title that should have a healthier balance between drama and humor.

The episode opens with Raven, a young girl who has something evil inside of her just trying to get out. Her mother is eventually held at gunpoint by a mysterious man and gunned down violently in front of her. Raven then heads to Detroit because she has been having visions of a young boy who used to be in the circus before he lost his parents.

Of course, that person is Dick Grayson and when we meet up with him, we learn that he is a cop for the Detroit Police Department. He is distant emotionally and when his new partner asks why he left his last “partner”, Dick reveals that he felt that he was becoming too much like Batman. Robin has also apparently been absent for over a year before he returns and violently takes out a series of bad guys before stating infamously, “Fuck Batman.”

The first episode of ‘Titans’ mostly focuses on Raven.

My problem with Dick in this episode is that he reveals that he left Batman because he feared he was becoming too much like him. He must not have feared it that much because he brutally beats up the bad guys he encounters. The logic in the character development is flawed if he’s not willing to show any signs of changing.

Then there is Starfire, a character that the show has, for reasons unknown at this point, been given a case of amnesia. She wakes up in a car, is attacked by some men and returns to her hotel room. She sees that she is holding someone hostage and the guy tells her that they have found the girl. Starfire then pays a visit to the man who sent the men to kill her and after he attempts to shoot her, we see a brief display of her powers and after she kills the men, we learn that the girl she was apparently looking for is Raven.

At the end of the episode, a security guard in a mall encounters a green tiger that immediately runs into the nearby woods. Once there, we learn that this is Beast Boy and he was simply there to steal games… end credits.

One last problem I had with this show is that I found the characters to be boring and the cast had no charm. I just didn’t care about what they were doing and the show didn’t seem to want to fix that. The show is trying so hard to be dark and serious that it forgot the most important ingredient… fun.

I’m not saying that the show has to be chock full of chuckles, but dammit you can give me at least a few lighter moments in order to show me that this world doesn’t completely suck and may actually be worth saving. I’m going to give this show a three strikes rule meaning that if the show doesn’t hook me by episode three, I’m out. Therefore, this show has only two more attempts to make me a fan but if those shows are anything like this premiere, I have serious doubts about sticking it out for the long haul.


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