Top 10 Worst Films of 2019

Before we look at the best, we need to remember the worst of the rest!

Written by J.T. Johnson

Soon, I’ll be looking at the Top 10 Best Films of 2018, but first we have to look back at the films that wasted so much potential and talent. Despite this being a banner year for Disney, one of their own ended up on the list while both Melissa McCarthy and Dwayne Johnson make two appearances in two separate films. It was also a pretty bad time for comedies this year with four of the ten films being lackluster comedies from the likes of Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and the Broken Lizard gang.

Now is the time to take a look at the worst films of 2018… if you dare!


This particular Disney movie had plenty of visual style and a good cast but it ultimately had no substance whatsoever. I just didn’t care about the underdeveloped characters and while vibrant, the world never really came alive. This is easily the least worst film on my list, but Disney promoted this film so much that I was ultimately disappointed by the final product.


Now we have Melissa McCarthy’s first appearance on my list this year. While there are a few more chuckles in this film than her other entry, this basic comedy has an overused plot and jokes you’ve seen a thousand times before. The movie is ultimately boring and that is sometimes way worse than simply being bad.


Actress Alicia Vikander now has something in common with her husband Michael Fassbender. They have both starred in lifeless films based on famous video games. I would say that “Tomb Raider” is at least a little bit better than “Assassin’s Creed”, but like that previous film, this movie just left me wanting to pick up a video game controller in order to revisit the far superior source material.


What could have been a great mix of “John Wick” and a tribute to blaxploitation films of yesteryear turns out to be an absolute dud. Taraji P. Henson deserved a far better film than this for her considerable talents. The movie does have an explosive finish, but that’s only after you suffer through two acts of pure boredom and confusing character development.


Gerard Butler seems to be the new king of films that should have gone straight to video but somehow made their way to the big screen. This knockoff of “Heat” has a few interesting shootouts and nothing more. There could have been an interesting story with Butler’s more ambiguously moral character, but the movie never really goes anywhere or does anything interesting to make it worth anyone’s time.


Now we have Dwayne Johnson’s first entry onto the list. I know that Johnson is a good actor and a more-than-capable action star, so that makes it even more disappointing that he starred in this atrocious “Die Hard” ripoff. Just because his character only has one leg doesn’t make this film unique enough to stand on its own… no pun intended.


Following “Skyscraper” is another Dwayne Johnson dud in the form of “Rampage”. Based on the hit video game from Midway, the film could have been a fun B monster movie. Instead, it’s an incredibly bland movie with some poorly animated CGI beasts blended together with a terrible and overly sentimental relationship between a man and his monkey.


This should have been a sure-fire win. Jim Henson-inspired muppets (the film is directed by Henson’s son) combined with a hard-boiled detective story and filled with crude humor. It should have just been a goofy and dumb fun time at the multiplex, but instead it turned out to be a huge dumpster fire with the muppets thrown in for good measure. Seriously, can someone please give Melissa McCarthy a film that is actually worth her time and talent?


This has just not been a good year for otherwise funny and talented actors. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly team up once again in order to make fun of the legendary literary character, Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, beyond a few jokes referencing the Robert Downey Jr. films, most of the jokes don’t even pertain to Holmes and none of the jokes are even remotely funny. I really hope that Ferrell and Reilly team up again to make up for this movie, because this would be a terrible film for the duo to go out on.


Here is a movie that just took too long to get made. It is filled with outdated and oftentimes insulting jokes that play into stereotypes about women, gay people and Canada. The Broken Lizard gang could have had a comeback with this film if only they had shown that they had grown up over the years. There were zero laughs and I’m actually starting to get offended again just thinking about this huge dud. There are some pretty bad films on this list, but none of them came close to dethroning this turd for Worst Film of the Year.

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