Movie Review – ‘Replicas’

We have an early contender for Worst Film of the Year!

Review by J.T. Johnson


DIRECTOR: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
WRITER: Chad St. John
MUSIC: Mark Kilian, Jose Ojeda

“Replicas” is only the second film that I’ve seen in 2019 and it is already a pretty strong contender for Worst Film of 2019. The movie is about a scientist named William (Keanu Reeves) who loses his family in a terrible car crash. Earlier, William is established to be working on a way to take someone’s mind and transfer it into a robot.

Not wanting a bunch of robots for his family when he resurrects them, William recruits his friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch) to whip him up some clones. Now, this is where you would think that the film would really start. William clones his family, everything is okay for a minute and then the family begins to suspect that they may not be all that normal.

Unfortunately, we spend over 50 minutes of the film watching William and Ed making a clone family. Meanwhile, they’re trying to lie to everyone and work out all of the plot holes that cloning a family would bring to the table. Sadly, the science is complete and total BS and, more importantly, boring as hell to watch. Oh, and they don’t resolve all the plot holes either.

The biggest one is when William realizes he can’t bring his entire family back from the dead. There’s not enough cloning pods, so William decides not to clone his youngest daughter. He then deletes her memory from the rest of the family. That would be all good and well, but they can never get around the fact that more than one other person knows that William had three kids and they would notice when one of them has gone missing.

By the time we get to the cloned family, though, they are pretty quick to realize that they are not entirely normal. Before anything interesting can come from that, the sinister corporation that William works for come after him and his family and the movie becomes a generic chase film. The boss and primary antagonist is played by John Ortiz… I can’t remember the character’s name… He’s two dimensional and forgettable… who is he again? Never mind.

The movie has a third act twist, but it is laughably bad even by this film’s horribly low standards. Seriously, I haven’t seen anything this unintentionally funny in a long time. I’ll just say that it involves a poorly rendered CGI robot with Keanu doing a low unrealistic robot voice.

Usually, when I see a bad movie, I can point to something specific that is responsible. The direction was bad. The acting was terrible. The writing is atrocious. The effects are poorly done. The ending sucked. Rarely do I see a film where all those statements are true, but here we are.

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