A notice about my new rating system.

Written by J.T. Johnson

I have a bit of a confession to make. I hate using a rating system on my film reviews. I only really do it because I know that some people look at the score to simply see if I’m recommending a film. That way, they don’t have read my review that may contain possible spoilers even though I do try to avoid them for the most part.

I use a five star system and I’ve been thinking about changing that system for awhile now. The reason is quite simple. While most people know that I’m recommending a film if I give something anything over three stars, some people still want to know why I may have taken a star off the rating or they may think that a three star review is not a recommendation.

Therefore, I’ve decided to change my system to something more simple. From this point on, the ratings will be as follows:


The new ratings are fairly self-explanatory. With “SEE IT”, I’m obviously recommending that you head to the theater and check it out. “SKIP IT” means that you should stay the hell away.

The ratings, like the old star system, will appear at the top of each review from here on out. In fact, I’ve already gone in and changed the review for “Captain Marvel” to a SEE IT rating. While I really want my reviews themselves to speak for how I feel about a certain film, I understand that some people just want to know if I’m simply recommending a film. I hope that the new rating system will simplify things.

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