Why I’m Looking Forward to the New “Child’s Play”!

I saw the new trailer and I'm all in on this particular remake!

Written by J.T. Johnson

On Thursday, Orion Pictures released the second trailer for their upcoming remake of “Child’s Play”. Normally, I’m highly resistant to remakes. They’re often not as good as the originals, they’re simple cash grabs and/or they add nothing new to the original idea.

Case in point, the recent remake of “Pet Sematary”. Granted, it did add a little more info from the book and what it was that was bringing pets and humans back from the dead, but it really leaned on simply changing a couple of things just for the sake of changing them. The changes were forced and they added nothing new to the idea and, thus, the remake just doesn’t work.

When Orion first announced that they were remaking “Child’s Play”, I was heavily against it. The first film is a classic and one of my favorites. This felt like one of the many cash grabs to reboot a franchise that had previously evolved into terrible direct-to-video horror comedies. Then, I saw the teaser trailer.

The teaser didn’t really reveal too much about how the new Chucky would work, but the tone was definitely there and the teaser worked its magic. More importantly, it was revealed that they were using practical effects to bring Chucky to life. This definitely peaked my interest since it wasn’t going to be an overly produced or unconvincing CGI character.

After the teaser, we hadn’t gotten our first look at the new Chucky doll as it was kept mostly in the shadows in the teaser. However, it was soon announced that we knew who was going to voice him. Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” and voicing the Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series” was announced as the new voice of Chucky.

Hamill is a brilliant voice actor and even though I love Brad Dorif’s iconic voice for the character, they couldn’t have picked a better voice actor for the new Chucky. We even got to hear his version of the voice in the recently released trailer when we hear him say, “Good night, Andy.” It sounded cool and it also sounded like Hamill was going to honor Dourif’s portrayal of the character as well as there were some similarities in the voices.

The best thing that has me completely turned around on the movie, though, was the idea. In the new trailer, we learn that Chucky is a “Buddi” doll controlled by a computer chip that is connected to an app that is also called Buddi. We learn that Buddi is also connected to every aspect of your technological life including your smart phone, smart house and just about anything else that’s “smart”.

In one scene, we see that Chucky has taken control of a toy store and drones suddenly start coming to life and terrorizing the customers. This tells me that the story has a cautionary element to it about our dependency on technology. In other words, they’re doing something new with the idea and, thankfully, it also looks chilling.

Granted, the full film may still end up being a huge dumpster fire. We won’t know that until we see the film when it is unleashed into theaters on June 21. For now, though, I’m all in for this new take on the character and hope that it turns out as good as these trailers.

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