The Geekly Blog Podcast – Episode 1: The Saga Begins!

My brother Jason helps me kick off my new podcast and get over my nerves as we discuss Star Wars!

Welcome to the first episode of The Geekly Blog Podcast! If you want to listen to me nervously rediscover my podcasting sea legs yet also listen to my amazing brother Jason, then simply click the link below. This is a bit of a soft open for for the podcast as, for right now, the show is only available here on the site, but I do intend to get it on iTunes and other formats soon. More on that later.

In this episode, Jason and I discuss Disney+ and several things Star Wars! I hope you enjoy the new show and I’ll be back with a new episode Sunday where I will discuss “Avengers: Endgame”! It’s a big weekend and I can’t wait to get to it. Enjoy!

The Geekly Blog Podcast – Episode 1: The Saga Begins! Hosted by J.T. Johnson and special guest-host, Jason Johnson.

Episode 1: The Saga Begins

To download the episode, click the link above and then click the download button!

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