Let’s Talk About That ‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer!

Warner Bros. released the first trailer for their sequel to 'The Shining'.

Let’s Talk About That ‘Doctor Sleep’ Trailer

Written by J.T. Johnson

Join me as I take a look at the new teaser trailer for “Doctor Sleep”, the adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to “The Shining”! Before we get to my thoughts on the trailer, though, let us take one more look at Warner Bros. teaser for the sequel.

Warner Bros. has finally released their trailer for “Doctor Sleep”, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel that was a direct sequel to his novel, “The Shining”. The film stars Ewan McGregor as a now adult Danny Torrence, the young kid from “The Shining” with special psychic abilities. This film had one big and challenging question, though.

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of “The Shining” in 1980 is a truly effective and wonderful horror film classic. It also happens to be an absolutely terrible adaptation of King’s novel. It’s an adaptation that even King himself has bemoaned over the years, though his views towards the film have somewhat softened over time.

That means that the question is whether or not “Doctor Sleep” would be more of a sequel to the novel or if it would be more directly connected to Kubrick’s film. Now that the first trailer is out for the movie, we definitely have our answer. The trailer opens with Danny leaving messages in chalk and something else responding.

This could very likely be the spirit that Danny was talking to in “The Shining”, showing that Danny still possesses his ability to Shine. The trailer then shows several flashbacks to Kubrick’s film, firmly establishing that this film will act more as a sequel to the film “The Shining” rather than the novel. To be honest, while some fans of the novel will probably not like this decision, it really makes total sense to acknowledge Kubrick’s classic.

Most film audiences are going to remember that film way more than the novel. Also, had they made a more direct adaptation of the book, they would have had to spend precious screen time explaining the various discrepancies between the novel and the film. Acting as a more direct sequel to Kubrick’s film, it means that the audiences more familiar with that movie won’t have to do much homework to get into this film.

Its merits as an adaptation aside, though, how does “Doctor Sleep” look? To be honest, I thought it looked great. I think McGregor will do a great job as an adult Danny and the story looks to expand the idea of how exactly the Shining works and how many people possess this particular gift. I’ll admit that I have yet to read the book, so I don’t know if anything in the trailer will look familiar to those that have read the book.

My only issue with this trailer is that they seemed to depend on the flashbacks/visions of the original film quite a bit. However, this is a teaser trailer and the purpose seemed more to establish that this is a sequel to “The Shining” than anything else. The next trailer will probably serve to tell us more about this particular story and what it’s all about.

Overall, it was a teaser trailer and it did its job. It told me that a sequel to “The Shining” is coming out and that’s enough to hook me at the moment. Thankfully, we won’t have long to wait on this particular film as it is set to hit theaters on November 8!

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