‘STRANGER’ RECAPS #13 – ‘Dig Dug’

It's time to take another look at an episode from 'Stranger Things 2'!

Review by J.T. Johnson

Our heroes are separated all over the damn map of Hawkins, but that won’t be for long as some of our heroes are updated to the new situation. Also, there’s a fight against time as one of our characters is put into a rather perilous position. Enough talk! Let’s get to the recap and review for ‘Chapter Five: Dig Dug’!

“Sorry. You ate my cat.” – Dustin

Eleven comes home.



Hopper is investigating the tunnels to see how far they go. Eventually, the tunnel begins to attack Hopper by spraying him with a mysterious substance. He tries to get away, but he passes out. We then see the hole that he dug heal itself before the opening credits begin.

He eventually wakes up and realizes that the vines moving around him react to fire, so he creates a torch to light the way and try to find away out. Soon, though, the vines begin to react and they pull him into the ground, meaning that there’s not much time in order for the others to find him.


Joyce is still posting drawings that Will has made up throughout the house. There are enough of them to cover the entire house, but she can’t seem to make any sense out of them. Meanwhile, Mike is trying to comfort Will who is afraid of his connection to the shadow monster.

Mike tells Will that this might actually be a good thing as Will can apparently see into the mind of the monster. Now, he can help them stop the monster if only they can figure out the mystery of the drawings. Although, Will counters with the problem that maybe the monster could look back into Will’s mind, thus making him more of a threat than an asset.

The next day, Will has another vision and says that Hopper is in trouble and if they don’t do something, he’ll die. Will uses his connection to figure out where on this strange map that Hopper is supposed to be. Unfortunately, neither Joyce or Mike know how to read the map.

At this point, Bob shows up and Joyce tries to blow him off gently before realizing that he may be smart enough to figure out how to read the map. Bob is a little curious about the drawings on the wall, but overall he takes it pretty well and eventually realizes that it’s a map of Hawkins. Bob comes through and they soon know where Hopper is located.


Jonathan and Nancy end up in a hotel room for the night on the way to wherever they’re heading. They discuss why they never got together after the events of the first season, sort of admitting that they have strong feelings for one another. When Jonathan says that Nancy only waited for a month before running back to Steve, she gets irritated and they go to bed.

Eventually, it is revealed that they are going to see Murray Bauman, the man hired to try and find Barb. While he is a conspiracy theory nut, he’s also not wrong about some of his theories surrounding Hawkins. Nancy corrects him on some of his “facts” and fills in some gaps about the strange things happening in Hawkins.

Nancy eventually asks Murray if the tape she has is incriminating enough. He says that it is, but if they just simply release the story, it’ll just be denied and no one will believe them. However, if they present the truth as another more suitable lie that at least shows that the lab was involved with Barb’s death, then they can at least take down the lab while also being able to confirm for Barb’s parents that she was killed.


When we meet back up with Dustin, he convinces his mother that the cat just ran away and sends her out to find him. Meanwhile, he suits up and lays out his trap. He eventually lures Dart out of the house and manages to trap him inside the storm cellar.

After this, Dustin tries to find his friends, but they’re off doing their own things trying to solve their own problems. Once he visits Mike’s house, and gets no help from Mike’s father, he enlists the aide of Steve who was coming that way to make up with Nancy. The greatest bromance in the history of the show is about to begin.


Eleven finally reaches Terry Ives’ house and meets her Aunt Becky who is taking care of Eleven’s mother. Becky doesn’t believe it’s her until Eleven shows off her powers. Eleven learns that her mother has been in a catatonic state for several years.

After Eleven sees a light flickering, she realizes that it’s her mother trying to get through to her. Eleven decides to try and contact her in the dark place. When Eleven enters the dark place, she learns that her mother came for her and that Dr. Brenner gave her electroshock therapy and fried her brain.

In addition to what Eleven learned, though, she also saw that there was another girl with her in the lab. When Eleven then witnesses Aunt Becky trying to call Hopper in order to tell him Eleven is with her (not knowing of their situation), Eleven runs away to find the other girl that was in her mother’s memories.


Max goes to the arcade only to find Lucas there. This is when Lucas proceeds to tell her everything about what happened last season. She doesn’t believe him at first, understandably, and she even points out a few flaws in his story, making fun of some of the criticisms that the show itself has received since premiering.

When she sees how serious Lucas is, she starts to believe him but she has to quickly ride off with Billy when he comes to pick her up.


The tests that the lab runs on the dirt confirms to them that it is probably from the Upside Down. There’s not really much more than that for the lab’s story in this episode.


Joyce, Will, Mike and Bob head out the location where Hopper went and they are eventually able to find him. While Joyce and Bob find Hopper and rescue him, scientists from the lab come in to assist them. They proceed to try and burn the infestation, but this causes Will to shout out in pain as though he himself is on fire. Cut to black.

Bob helps decipher Will’s map in hopes of finding out where Hopper is.


This is a hell of an episode as it is a race against time to find Hopper before the growth gets him. In addition to that, Dustin trying to deal with Dart is pretty damn funny. When he finally gets to Steve, though, I had no idea that one of the greatest pairings in TV history was about to be made.

Eleven’s story continued to intrigue me thanks to the mystery of trying to find out how she came to be and what happened to her mother. Now, she must find the other girl in her memories in order to discover more about her powers. This leads to the most divisive episode in the show, but we’ll get to more on that later.

Watching Will try to use his connection to the shadow monster to help find out what’s going on in Hawkins is pretty cool. In this particular episode, they added a ticking time bomb plot with Joyce, Will and Mike needing to find Hopper before it’s too late. Thankfully, it’s Bob to the rescue here.

In the other episodes, I’ve liked Bob but he becomes a fan favorite in this episode. Not only does he help find Hopper, but he takes the weird stuff happening pretty well and shows just how much he’ll do to help Joyce and her boys. That Bob turns out to be a hell of a guy.

With the lab now there to protect our heroes, it definitely got interesting to see where all that will go. However, that’s for tomorrow’s episode and I’ll be back here once again with another edition of ‘Stranger’ Recaps. See you then!

Join me tomorrow as we take a look at ‘Chapter 6: The Spy’!

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