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Welcome to The Geekly Blog! Here on the site, you will find several film and television reviews from an average film geek. Now, just who in the hell am I?

My name is J.T. Johnson and I’ve been reviewing films since 2007 when I started writing simple reviews for my friends on my old MySpace page when that was actually a thing. Thankfully, I’ve gotten better over the years. I attended Henderson State University for three years, mostly studying print journalism.

While at Henderson, I started a site called JT’s Retro Reviews and eventually JT’s Movie Reviews. I then created a group on Facebook called Geeks, Inc. and eventually created a new site for that page. Over time, I handed that group over to some other friends and reformatted the site to The Geekly Blog!

I’m also a published film critic. I’ve contributed reviews to both the Bossier Press-Tribune in Bossier, Louisiana, and to The Saline Courier in Benton, AR. Since I’ve gotten back into film criticism on a more full-time basis, I’ve once again shifted focus and The Geekly Blog is now a film and television review site.

Not only do I review new movies as they come out, I also write Retro Reviews for older films. I publish the reviews under their release date, so if you look at the Archives on the page, you’ll notice that it goes all the way back to the film with the earliest release date.

Occasionally, I may also want to write a column about the film industry. This could be anything from commenting about a certain film or series to commenting on something that has developed in the industry. These articles will be filed under the title “Based on a True Story”, a title I used back in college for the school paper.

I don’t watch a whole lot of television, but what I do watch, I’ll probably have something to say about that as well.

I’ve also taken my old reviews and Retro Reviews from the previous sites over the years and uploaded them here as well. I hope that you enjoy what you read and I most definitely encourage comments, but please attempt to keep it civil. Troll comments will simply be ignored.

I’ll finish by simply saying welcome to the site and I’ll see you at the movies!

Also, here’s some e-mail information if you wish to contact me:


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