How the Rating System Works


Hello, fellow movie and video game fans. For those of you that read my reviews, you’ll notice that I use a five star rating system. Over the years, I’ve used everything from a “1 to 10” scale to an “A to F” scale. I like the five star system, but I do want to express how I use it.

I obviously can’t use the scale to quantify every single film or video game ever made. That’s impossible. The five star scale is simply the level at which I enjoyed the movie or video game itself. That means that, theoretically, I could have a five star movie or game that still has plenty of flaws in it, but I could also have a zero star film or game that was technically well made but I just didn’t find it enjoyable.

The only other consideration is whether or not the movie or game did what it intended to do, whether that was to make me think, cry, laugh, jump for joy, etc. It’s not as important as the overall enjoyment, but it does play a part in the final rating.

Finally, how do you know when am I recommending a movie or video game? Simple. If I give something three out of five stars or above, then I’m recommending you see/play it. If it makes anything below three stars, I’m recommending that you avoid it.

That’s pretty much it. Of course, I would prefer you read the review itself for my overall thoughts on a particular movie or video game, but if you don’t want potential spoilers and just want to check out the rating, now you know how I use my rating system. Now, get out there and watch some movies and play some games, my fellow geeks!

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