How the Rating System Works

Hello, fellow movie fans. For those of you that read my reviews, you’ll notice that I use a pretty simple rating system. Over the years, I’ve used everything from a “1 to 10” scale to an “A to F” scale. I like this new system and here’s how it works.

  1. SEE IT
  3. SKIP IT

This should be pretty self explanatory. SEE IT means I’m giving it my official recommendation to watch it in a theater while it’s out. STREAM IT means that I thought the film was okay, but I’d also understand if you wanted to skip the big screen experience and wait for it to hit one of your streaming services if that’s your thing. SKIP IT means I’m not recommending the film at all and you should stay the hell away!

See, pretty simple! Enjoy the reviews and, as always, I’ll see you at the movies!

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